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About Oregon Commercial Painters

Oregon Commercial Painters and its affiliates provide quality painting services across the West. Our personnel bring years of experience to their work at the company. Our founder, John Noble, learned the trade by helping his father and uncle with the family painting business after school and during summers, back when quality craftsmanship and commitment to service were a given. Based on this tradition, John incorporated the business as Washington Commercial Painters (WCP) in 1996.

OCP is grounded in the merit shop philosophy – that work should be awarded on the basis of qualifications, performance and price – in an open marketplace. Providing quality workmanship in a safe environment for fair prices is the way we choose to do business.

At OCP we merge our heritage with constant training in specialty techniques like intumescent coatings and Zolatone finishes.

As part of our organizational goal to be the key creator of quality environments in the United States, we partnered with Turman Commercial Painters and established Washington Commercial Painters. Through these affiliations, our organization provides quality commercial painting services across the Nation.

Oregon Commercial Painters is a privately held corporation.

Other professional affiliations include: