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Bryce Compton

Estimator / Project Manager

Kirkland, Washington

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Bryce joined the WCP team in 2013, coming from a five-year tenure in the painting industry at Sherwin-Williams. His background in the paint world gives Bryce an understanding of the sales side of the job having experienced the job from a vendor’s perspective. Now working as an Assistant Estimator, Bryce is involved in all aspects of estimating and project management from taking off plans to estimating, bidding and overseeing ongoing projects. Bryce also uses his paint expertise to assist all of the Estimators and Project Managers with product selection and purchasing.

Bryce joined the U.S. Coast Guard when he was 17, completing the Coast Guard Class “A” school the same year he completed high school. He has been deployed by the Coast Guard for Deep Water Horizon Response and has received the Armed Forces Reserve Medal, Marksman Qualification Ribbon, National Defense Service Medal, and Deepwater Horizon Response Medal.

Bryce is a graduate of Dale Carnegie training. While a student of Carnegie he received the coveted Breakthrough Award and Outstanding Performance Award. In his free time Bryce is an avid golfer and enjoys playing the guitar.